Monday, June 20, 2016

Export From Maya Into Premiere

Animation: Export From Maya to Adobe Premiere

Before you export please make sure that your Maya animation project is at least 300 frames and that your animation does something interesting or engaging.

(You can see the pictures better by clicking on each icon).

1st Click on the Render Settings Button in the upper center of the screen.
Next, change your settings to match the one's listed below.

Make sure you are exporting your pictures as TIFF files and that name.#.ext is used.
Also, don't forget to change your starting and ending frames.

You can export four different camera angles so that you can change angles in Premiere.
You will need to export four different times to get each angle.
Next, click out of the Render Settings Box and go to Render in the top Maya menu.
First, click Rendering in the upper left hand corner:
Next, choose Render and Batch Render.

It will take a few minutes to Render your pictures each time you Render a different angle.
Your images will show here:
Create a new folder within this folder for each angle. For example, you could call the folder "Angle 1" or you could call it "Perspective View."

Next, open Adobe Premiere.
Create a new Sequence that is DSLR 1080p24

Go to the Adobe Premiere User Preferences in the upper left hand corner of the screen and click 'General Settings'. Please change the still frame duration to one frame:
Next, import your pictures into Premiere by going to File>Import>Folder
You will need to import each angle separately. Make sure each angle is in a different folder.

Finally, place your pictures in the order you want on the timeline.
You will Next, add music and sound effects as needed.
Don't forget to create a title and credits at the beginning and end.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Experimental Photography

Your next assignment is Experimental Photography.
Here are some ideas:

Thursday is a practice day. You will turn in a practice contact sheet.
Next Tuesday the 21st will be an all-period shooting day. You will turn in at least 24 experimental photos.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Animation and Photo: Tech Prep

Sign Up For Tech Prep
Click Create an account under students click here. 

Create an account. Fill out only forms marked with a red asterisk
For Career Cluster pickle anything you want.
For Future Plans pick whatever is best for you.

Find Shorecrest High School and select Animation, Video, or Digital Photography with Mr. Mitchell as your teacher.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Turning In Fashion Work

1 4*3 12 picture Fashion Contact Sheet Adjusted
2 Best Fashion Photos
1 Best Magazine Cover

Shoreline Art Show

To submit to the Shoreline Art Show
Go to the link:
Fill out the form. You will need to copy the label and email Ms. King, to print.

Masters of Photography Assignment

Masters of Photography

New Photography Masters Assignment:
 Use email to answer the following questions:
1. Look at the various work from ALL of the photographers listed below. This will take at least 30-40 minutes. You may even explore more up and coming photographers on your own.
2. Pick a photographer that you would like to emulate and pay homage. You will eventually re-create an exact picture and also create your own picture in the "style" of this photographer.
3. Tell me about the photographer and why you picked their work.
 In no LESS than one page please explain:
• Who you chose and who they are (i.e. when, where, what etc)
• Describe their photography: What is unique about her/his style and technique? What types of photos do they take? What are the themes or concepts?
•• Why did you choose this photographer? What do you like about their work/style?
 Please reference different photos and use photography terms that we have discussed in class and from the links below.
4. What specific picture are you going to re-create? Why? Please provide a link to this photo. Where will you shoot these photos? Who are what exactly will be your subject? How will you re-create the exact lighting?
Please email this document to me at
Note: Do not copy/paste text from web sites. I will check to make sure that everything written is in your own words. Google is a fantastic tool for checking plagiarism.
  Assignment Due Dates:

June 6th: Written Description Due at end of period

June 7th: Shooting Day

June 9th: shooting day as needed
June 14: All pictures due. You have class time to edit on this day.
 Jim Goldberg - documentary, black and white
Christopher Anderson - color portraits and documentary
Chris Jordan - patterns, industrial waste
Cindy Sherman - self portraits, "film stills"
Arthur Tress - staged fish tank images and various stuff
Steve McCurry - landscape, portraiture, photojournalism
Alex Majoli - photojournalism, black and white portraiture
Vik Muniz - photo composites
Loretta Lux - portraits
Julia Fullerton - commercial
Lauren Greenfeld - documentary
Shimpei Takeda - abstract
Walter Ioos - sports
Young and New Photographers:
Chase Jarvis -variety
Rookie Nolan - 
Sarah Hoey - surreal 
Paulina Otylie Surys -














Thursday, May 19, 2016

Editing Fashion Pictures and Magazine Cover

Fashion Cover Work

Start your Fashion Magazine Cover and Adjustments. The assignment is listed below:

You will create a magazine cover page using your best Fashion picture. You will also create a 12-picture photo spread that details what your subject is wearing. Before I give you some tutorial examples, here and here are some example covers. Click on the images to get ideas for your cover.

Before you start your cover, you need to edit and adjust your pictures to make them look professional. Here is a list of adjustment methods we did last semester:

Clone Stamp (CS)
Patch Tool (P)
Gaussian Blur (GB)
Color Hair (CH)
Whiten Teeth (W)
Removing Hot Spots (HS)
Healing Method (HM)
Glamour Skin Softening (GS)

Adjustment Tutorials: 

If you do not remember how to do these adjustments feel free to use the Photoshop book at the front of the room. Take your time. You have a few days to adjust your pictures and make your cover and picture spread. The bottom line is this: get rid of blemishes, tone down hot spots or glare, soften the skin, adjust colors for emphasis, use black and white (greyscale) if necessary, crop for effect, and play around with brightness/contrast etc.

Magazine Cover Tutorials: You can use the tutorials or create a cover without a tutorial.

After you create your cover you need to add text to 12 of your pictures. This text, done in the same style as the Action Pics and Spring Quote Pics, should tell us the brand of each item of clothing like this example:

A quote from the subject or something interesting about the items is also a nice touch.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Exporting From Adobe Premiere Pro and Dropping Into Server

These are the settings to export HD Quality Video

Preset=HD 1080p 29.97 Name your file in the Output Name. Call it " Your Full Name Stop Motion"

Make sure you look where you are saving the file when you name it in Output name.
I would suggest saving it to Desktop.

Click Export Find your project in the area you saved it on the computer. Next, drop your video in the Vidstore Server.  
Click on Desktop Background
Select Go at Top Of Screen
Connect to server
Name: scvideo
Password: Outback23
Select SC Video classes
Place in Period 1

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stop Motion and Adobe Premiere

Please add a fade in to your Stop Motion video and a fade out at the end. To do this you must make your first and last picture about 6-8 seconds long. Right-click or Control-click on the clip and select "speed/duration."
Next, change the clip length in the duration section. Make sure to select "Ripple Edit, Shifting Trailing Clips."
After you do this for both clips you should have long clips at the beginning and end of your video. At that point you can go in and use the pen tool to create a fade in and then fade out.

There are tutorials below that should help you with other items in Premiere. You need to add a title at the beginning and credits at the end.
Add Titles, Fades, and Music
Using Trim and Ripple Edit:
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Color Correcting:
Titles and Effects:

Photo 2: Fashion Shoot Assignment

You are working for a fashion magazine that sells clothing to a specific audience. Your job together is to shoot two picture spreads to sell two different styles of clothing and accessories. This includes pants, coats, shirts, scarfs, shoes, socks, belts, dresses, shorts, and anything else a person can wear.

10 suggestions for a great photo shoot.
Eight suggestions to create a solid fashion shoot.
Please look through, watch, and read about the following fashion shoots.

Vanity Fair Fashion Shoots (multiple examples)
Kala Makeup Fashion Portfolio
Joie Magazine
Beyond The Sea
Grey Gardens
In the Trenches
Megan Fox
GQ: Best Suits
Details Magazine: Jeans
Top Ten Vogue Covers
True Blood
Jessica Biel
Katy Perry

Fashion Setup

Your pictures should show a variety of composition and also showcase a variety of ways to light your subject. Please review lighting techniques here.
Please review portrait tips here.

You must choose a partner from class. You can work in groups of three, but you have to take pictures of each person.
You will model for each other on Thursday and Tuesday.
Contact sheets are due from each day at the end of the period.
You will shoot one day outdoors and one day in the studio.
Your location away from school needs to be unique and interesting on it's own.
Get creative. Play dress up. Dress stylishly and/or uniquely.

On Tuesday you will  get together with your partner  and answer the following questions. You will email me your responses during class time.

1. What are your names?
2.  What types of clothing are you trying to sell?
3. What day are you using the studio?
4. What specific clothing will you wear each day? What accessories will you bring to enhance your shoot?
5. Where do you want to shoot outside of school? Why?
6. How will you ensure that you give 100% on this project? What can you do to make these pictures the best pictures you've taken in class?
7. How will you use lighting to make your pictures interesting? Be specific.

Bring your cameras Thursday and Tuesday. If you are shooting away from school you can go directly to your shooting location.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

How To Import Stop Motion Pictures Into Adobe Premiere

How To Import Your Stop Motion Pictures Into Adobe Premiere

  • Plug in your camera to the computer or place your memory card into the computer.
  •  Import your pictures by first opening Image Capture.
  • Select on the pictures you want to import and make sure you notice where you are saving the pictures.

First, make a folder for your pictures. If you shot on multiple days please make sure your pictures are organized by day (make a separate folder for each day's pictures).
Select on just one of your pictures that you took for this project. Right
click 'Get Info.' You'll notice that the dimensions are listed under more info.
Write these dimensions down.

Open Adobe Premiere. Create a new project (File>New>Project) and name it Stop Motion. Click OK.
Select Digital SLR>1080p>DLSR 1080p30 and name your sequence. DO NOT CLICK OK YET.

 Select the settings tab at the top and you should see an area that says Video and then frame size. Change the frame size to match the picture dimensions.

Click OK after you change the Video frame size.

Go to Adobe Premiere>Preferences in the upper left hand corner. Click General.  Change the Still Image Default Duration to 3. (If your pictures play too slow after changing these settings try changing them to 2). Click OK/

Next, go to File>Import and your picture folders. Note: import each day of photos in their own folders. DO NOT MIX THE PHOTOS.
 Drag the picture down to the timeline. You can now see all of your pictures in a row.Time to edit!

Monday, May 02, 2016

Photo 2: Long Exposure Assignments

This assignment will be broken into three parts.
 Part 1 is Light Painting. Click here to see some amazing examples.
Part 2 is nighttime long exposure. Click here to see some awesome examples.
Part 3 is long exposure pictures of your choice. You can do light painting, you can shoot outdoors at night, or you an experiment with something different. You can use people as needed. You can even shoot early morning or late evening instead of at night.

Long exposure photographyLong exposure photography
Tuesday May 3rd: Bring lights to class. Shoot in studio or at home.
Thursday: Light painting at school in the studio.
Shoot in studio or at home.
Shooting Day 1. Contact Sheets due both days.
Homework (you can start now): One outdoor long exposure photo shoot done at night or early morning.
Long exposure shots of your choice.
May 9th: Homework due.
Image by gnackgnackgnack

Animation Peer Editing

Animation Peer Editing Questions

1.       Is the animation interesting? Why or why not?
2.        What is the goal of the game?
3.        What are the two movie clips?
4.         What are the motion tweens?
5.        What are the shape tweens?
6.         What are the sound effects or music in the animation? Are there sounds for everything?           
7.         Is the background detailed? If not, what needs improvement?
8.          Do the buttons work? Please list any buttons that do not work.
9.         List three ways you would improve this CYOA? How could it be more entertaining?
9. List compliments: what else is interesting or fun?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Forced Perspective

Tuesday in Photo 1:
Use the entire period to
shoot Forced Perspective shots around the campus. Have fun. Be creative. Work in groups of two or three if necessary.
Turn in a ten picture contact sheet at the end of the period.
Thursday you will do the same away from school.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Import Stop Motion Pictures To Computer

  • Plug in your camera to the computer or place your memory card into the back of the computer in the horizontal SC Card slot.
  •  Import your pictures by first opening Image Capture. Image capture is location in the Applications folder. You can also search for it in the upper right hand corner and open it there.
  • You should see your pictures in Image Capture. Select on the pictures you want to import and make sure you notice where you are saving the pictures at the very bottom. You can shift+click or command+click to select on specific pictures.

After you import your pictures make a folder for your pictures. If you shot on multiple days please make sure your pictures are organized by day (make a separate folder for each day's pictures).